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Hello from Scrapland!

Posted by Peggy McCall on July 30, 2014

I am here and I am creating.  Actually, creating and ORGANIZING! I decided to finally organize all my stash and wow do I have a lot!photo 1

This is what I got out of my bag of scraps, pots of scraps etc…on the left are over 300 hexagons, prepped and ready to go.  On the right are 1500 rectangles ready to handpiece (more on that in a later post).

Here is my little set up:

photo 4And some of my scrap stash:

photo 5….and I found some treasures:

photo 2I have no idea why I cut up Christmas fabric into strips but I did so into my scrap bins!

photo 3My final scrap set up…all divided into colours!  My next step is to cut my scraps down into blocks!

Such fun!

Now before I forget, there is a giveaway going on at Jan’s blog:  Go and check her out!à

Happy sewing!

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Testing to see if my site still works

Posted by Peggy McCall on July 20, 2014

I have been gone too long! I sort have seemed to fallen off the face of the earth, but instead, life got the better of me!


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Paperpiecing books with cats!

Posted by Peggy McCall on January 29, 2014

2nd book 001Actually, from a distance they do seem like a pile of books… :).  I like to paperpiece but there is a tedious par  with this pattern.  Maybe someone out there could give me some advice or point me to a tutorial etc.

Here is my problem:

photo 4Where the heck to we place the diagonal between the short and long pieces? For example between 2 (short piece) and 3 (long piece).  I waste so much material in the placement of the diagonal.  I just keep trying and ripping until it works and then I don’t know what I did.  Here are some more pictures:

photo 3photo 1So now I’m psyched to finish this book block tonight…one book block a week and I will have a huge library!

Has anyone else done a book quilt? I can’t wait until the embellishment phase.

I am linking up to the Needle and Thread Network  fibre group.  Always fun to see what is on everyone’s table.

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Grow Your Blog 2014 with a fabric postcard giveaway!

Posted by Peggy McCall on January 25, 2014

sewing 029

Yes….I am participating in the “Grow Your Blog” event this year.  I so enjoyed visiting blogs last year and I made some friends. Vicki from “2 Bags Full” is graciously hosting the event, so be sure to visit her blog to see the list of all the participants.

Note: click on the image for the generous lady behind this endeavour! Vicki has categorized all 600 blogs, so there is a lot of creative eye candy out there.  The event goes until February 15th.  On February 15th, I will be drawing 3 names to win a fabric postcard.  I will make a postcard and send it in the mail to you.  All you have to do is write a comment here on this post.  If you don’t have a blog, make sure that you leave your email address so that I can contact you if you win. Here is an example of a fabric postcard…of course this one has French connection because I live in “La Belle Province”

IMG_1963The ones I make will be completely different but will be totally fabric.

Now onto my blog and I!

Who am I?  I am Peggy and I am a creative sort! I love to create.  I can see the end product before others; actually it kind of bothers me when I work with people who can’t see what the process will become, so disheartening when they don’t understand.  Hence why I blog.  There are so many crafty blogs out there that it is mindboggling!

I live in Quebec, Canada, in the Chicoutimi area.  It is a cold part of Canada in the winter, but beautiful warm summers.  This blog mainly portrays my crafty side but I do have another “active” side.  I run, swim and cycle; in that order.  In fact, I am on my 108th day of consecutive running.  I started out with just trying to see a run everyday on the calendar, for a month but now I am trying to reach 365 days.  I swim twice a week and cycle in the summer.  I still haven’t gotten up the nerve to do a triathlon, but I do see one in my future.  I run marathons too.  An active body is in sync with an active mind.

marathon medals 002My marathon medals.

peg in actionPeggy in action.  I am not a fast runner but I like to run long.  A 3-hour run really puts life in perspective for me.

As for my crafty side, here is what is on my sewing room floor right now:

sewing 020Scraps, scraps and more scraps.  I am working on a few scrappy projects:

first book block 001My “book” blocks need a lot of scraps!

friendship circle start 004My friendship circle and I received my material today :) Yay!

sewing 021Isn’t this beautiful white.  It is called “sugar pearls” (sorry about that little brown spot, a speck of material)

So many projects, so little time!

Today is a good example of how much my head is spinning with projects.  I received some mail:

sewing 023Books; memories in quilts.  This is what I am striving to make.  I have been trying to put pictures onto fabric with no success because the pictures fade to almost invisible after washing.  I received a few products to play with:

sewing 028Bubble Jet Set and Rinse…I am so going to play with this tomorrow!

sewing 022Lesly Riley’s transfer sheets and book! So eager to try that.  Oh..a ruler too ;)

So yes, I am totally full of ideas and projects.  This year I am trying to work on finishes.  I bought a new sewing machine last summer, so it is time to practice my machine quilting.

I tend to do a lot of quilting but I did start with cross stitch and this is what is on one of my frames:

sewing 027I love to sit and stitch.  I do embroidery too and lately I have joined a needlepoint group on facebok and I have been blown away with what needlepoint can produce.  I found this book on my shelf and have tagged a project in it already! ;)

sewing 026Isn’t it beautiful?

Fibre! I love it! I did try to paint once because I thought it would be neat to combine the two, but alas, painting is so not my forté.  I will stick to fabric and threads and create!

What do you create? Are you like me and have your hands in many crafts or do you stick to one?

So now make a comment to win yourself some interesting mail.  A fabric quilted postcard is much better than a bill!

These are a few postcards that I have received and one that I made.

I love making postcards.

I will leave you with some postcard inspiration; some mine and others I have received.


I hope that you will follow me.  The button is up on the right.

Thanks for visiting.

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Hexies and Blocks

Posted by Peggy McCall on January 21, 2014

I have been pulling out my hexies in idle tv time and continued to fill my container:

hexies and freiend 001My little kit is always ready for me, wherever and whenever!

I also have a friend, ALWAYS in my chair. Pye seems to like to be squished next to me.  He also likes to put his chin up on my lap table:

hexies and freiend 002Now, can you guess what this block represents.  It is a test block but I will continue the blocks.  I’ll post them and when someone can guess what I am doing, I will reveal! Thinking caps creative bloggers!

first book block 001By the way, it is a 10 inch perfect block ;), done with paperpieceing.  I love going through my scrap bag.

Any ideas?

I am linking up to The Needlework and Thread Network.  WIPs I have a few and they do!

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