Shadow work flower

herringbone flower

I just finished my herringbone sample.  I tried shadow work on white organza and I think it looks pretty cool.  On the hoop it didn’t look tooooooooooo shadowy, but when I took it off the hoop, sheesh, it looked all shadowy! :).  I could make it into a pot pourri cushion, that’s what is suggested in the magazine I found the idea from.  I found the shadow work directions in the UK Needlecraft August 1997 edition.  But I think that I will put it into a card.  I think that might be a neat way to collect all these samples. 

Any ideas for what to do with it now?

Note, Above is the front, the herringbone stitches are on the back and the the backstitches going around the petals are on the front of the organza….making the shadowy effect.  This is the backside….flowerback


8 thoughts on “Shadow work flower”

  1. Peggy, this is an adorable way of Herringbone Stitch! Wonderful!I think a card would be great. I love booklets and will collect my TASTs in a booklet.

  2. Thank you for visiting and for your comment, this is so different, a very clever idea. Can you bear to give it away?:-)

  3. Beautiful…Was it hard to make it? I have seen shadow work but so far this is the prettiest I have seen.

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