Teaching Cross Stitch…

…to children.  I started teaching my niece how to cross stitch today.  She complained of a headache after our short stitching session.  She is only 10 years old.  I started her off with a kit that has the largest aida sized cloth and a big needle.  I think that each session will be kept to no more than 20 minutes of stitching.  Her younger sister wants to learn, so I’ll prepare another kit.  It is amazing how much there is to making little x’s on material :)…I don’t want to encourage bad habits so I am making sure to show how the x’s go the same way, all the time….she did pretty good. I’m proud of her.  A few years ago, I gave a noon-hour workshop at my son’s school.  I have one son who is pretty good at cross stitch, although he doesn’t do much of it anymore, but he knows how to do it. He plays hockey and soccer and then stitches.  He cannot sit still, needs to be throwing a ball around and I figured that a needle in his hand was better than a ball on my walls :)…true, true.  He might want to start back to stitching after watching his cousin today. 

 I made a mistake on my cross stitch project.  I was trying to figure out why the back stitching wasn’t making the design stand out. I was using the wrong colour!  So I ended up taking all the backstitches out and redoing the block.  I will post it when I am finished.  It looks so much nicer now.  It’s a good thing that I noticed it right now, on the first of 8 blocks 😉 .  I haven’t touched the project for a week, but each time I went by it I would try to figure out why I was disliking it so much and avoiding it….the backstitch.

Back to work tomorrow….. I could use a snow day and just stitch all day :)….let us all say some oooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmms to the snowgods.

 Thanks for all the positive comments to my shadow work.  It’s wierd, but since I have done the piece I have seen some more shadow work… After tavelling around to quite a few blogs and checking out the other work, I am inspired to branch out of patterns, we’ll see how it goes.  There are so many participants.  I’ll have to figure out a system of responding to as many as I can.  It’s only the first week.  Not having highspeed internet doesn’t help, but that could change soon.

Off for some tea and backstitching.



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