My lame attempt…

at the buttonhole for the Take a Stitch Tuesday challenge. …I was not inspired to create.  I may have looked too much at others’ outcomes and couldn’t come up with anything….I did three rows of the buttonhole stitch…I will continue with my practicing…especially the first line.  What I really liked this week was all the reading and researching I did for embroidery.  I live in a French area so my resources tend to be in French so I am learning my French embroidery terms.  I’ll have to visit a few of our French bloggers a little more often.  I have a very old series of needlework books and they have beautiful embroidery designs and how-tos…I had never taken the time to go through them but as part of looking up the buttonhole stitch I did…and it just furthers my interest at practicing more than just cross stitch. 

 Speaking of cross stitch. I am well into my 2nd block…a teddy bear standing.  I should be finished this week-end! I am really rolling.

Here is my lame piece:

Week 2 TAST - Buttonhole

What I found difficult about doing these short lines was the starting off and getting to the 2nd stitch…it is really not that evident.

So, now on to week 3…I hope that I am a little more creative.


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