A romp through the TAST blogs….

…and checking out the detached chain samples for the TAST, Take a Stitch Challenge.  Here’s what I have been seeing!  So many creative ideas.

 Judith finished up a ufo by incorporating the detached
chain stitch on small heart cushions…also using sequins…verra nice.

Purple Missus  does a lot of dying! Wow!

Françoise of creatilfun did a lot of samples.  I really like the
one with the french knots, cross stitch and lazy daisies.  It looks so dreamy.

I’ve been back to frogstich’s blog and shes stitched up a jumble of coloured detached stitches which look so coooool! 

 Karin Hammel has made a colourful ball with the stitches and she used special german thread.  So nice. Karin, you could call this Painter’s Palette. (needlefelting)

Odile stitched up  a sheep…the possibilities are endless.
Magpie’s designs are so intricate.  I’m waiting on word back from her if she is incorporating the design into her crazy quilt wall hanging. 

I forget Mariyarn’s name, sorry :(….but she stitched up a small bouquet, made with detached stitch with ordinary embroidery floss, and the leaves made with a fraying ribbon.  She mentiioned that the flowerpot is a stitch from Primrose Design´s blog who has a small stitch school.  I’ll have to check it out and put the link in here.

Charlene stitched up a beautiful peacock.  She printed up a photo of peacock and used it to create her own pattern design….onto silk.  She even used hand-dyed silk and seed beads. 

I went back to dawn’s place and she has elaborated  on the herringbone stitch.

Ati is doing her samples on crazy quilting…so nice. and she also made a bauble bag.   I have never seen one and it seems so complicated.

I hope you don’t mind Ati, but I want to admire the bag and check it out, so I’ve posted your picture here….let me know if you want me to take it down. Everytime I tried to post a comment on your site, my computer froze up. 

Ati’s baublebag

So where do I find a pattern  for a bauble bag? Isn’t it neat?

Well, I kind of feel like Sharon here, but I really want to see as much as I can.  I am learning so much here. 



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