Quilted Wallhanging picture frame

Well, here is my latest WIP….a quilted wallhanging picture frame.  I am very much building my skills….everything from cutting to getting the 1/4 stitch down even to stippling.  I have never done any stippling and I am quite happy with the outcome.  I am glad that this wallhanging is for me, because I keep running my fingers over the quilting :).


The three pictures are from left to right…my sister (in front of Charing Cross Library), my immediate family….inlaws, because I live in their region, and third…my Québecois husband….dressed for St.Jean Baptiste day….complete with fleur de lys boxers, Molson Ex beer and The “Canadians” t-shirt and baseball hat.


One thought on “Quilted Wallhanging picture frame”

  1. That’s a nice idea, Peggy – wish I could see the quilting closer so I could admire it better, but I’m sure it’s lovely!

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