Finishing love letter pillow…



Well, here is the finished pillow.  I’m not too happy with the sizing bu I like the button that my son picked out.  I wished him off this morning.  He is moving to Montreal so he and his dad loaded up a van are somewhere between here and there.  In fact, they just called me to let me know there whereabouts and even though I am happy for JL (my son),  I started to cry.  I have been trying not to do that through this whole preparation stage, but it finally happened :(.  So, when will the lump in my throat go away?  My second son (only other child) is still a ways off before moving out….I hope.  I told him that he can’t sleep over at his friend’s tonight (he usually does that on Saturday nights) because I don’t want to be alone….husband will be coming home tomorrow.


I’m doing laundry, tidying up and then heading out to a bookstore (comfort)…because there is no fabric store close by :(….good thing too because I today is a day that I would buy a lot fabric comfort….all in thinking of making a quilt for son.