Saturday Signs

I am getting back into my sewing room after three weeks of surgery recovery and I have chosen to start a small cross stitching project, so I am setting it up.  I am going to finish it by incorporating it into some sort of quilty project.  Of course the progress will be photographed here.

Here is friendship journal that I made for a long lost friend…long story but we have reunited and to make up for all those lost years I made a friendship journal for R’s birthday.

Friendship journal  without picture
Friendship journal without picture

I wrote it in it, added pictures, personalized it and then sent it to her.  The concept is for each of us to write in it and then send it back and forth to each other.  We can write about anything, what is going on now, memories, what has happened over the years.  Here is a picture of it with a picture inserted into the centre.  I got the pattern idea from Jean Boyd  .

Friendship journal with picture of my "bestest" in our younger days!
Friendship journal with picture of my

The wall hanging down below is from Jean Boyd’s patterns  too.  I am drawn to making memories in quilts.  As for the material for this journal, I think that I got it at Frabricland and when I decided to make the journal cover I fussycut it.  Right now the journal is in my hands and I am so behind with it.  But I am getting back into my routine.  I don’t really have a choice now, work starts on Monday.

Well, it is off to Walmart and Carleton cards and….you get the drift, to find something suitable for a baptism that we are going to tomorrow.  I didn’t have the time to make something, although I had an excellent idea.  I will still do my excellent idea but without the pressure.  I’m never sure if my inlaws like what I make them :(…..kind of a lack of confidence thing.

Well, catch you later and do something creative today, I know that I will.



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