New quilt technique…

…well for me!  I had a quilting workshop today and learned how to do Kay Nichols’ One Fabric Quilts.  So nice.

It is like magic!  One more quilt started and it will be for my bed.  We just changed our bedroom furniture and painted the room blue…

Here is the fabric: 

And here is what is shaping up AFTER using Kay Nichols’ technique:

Now how cool is that?  Does anyone come and read my blog?  If so, let me know what you think of this technique.  I only have the first row sewn….I don’t yet know how many blocks I will need but probably many, many, many….:)….

Now I really have to hem my cordouroy (sp?) pants.



2 thoughts on “New quilt technique…”

  1. I like the look of this! I haven’t seen this technique yet and it looks most interesting. Is this a “stack and cut” type thing? My brain is already going here… wonder if I have any border type fabric….

    I’m looking through your blog instead of working on my sewing! I am the BEST procrastinator!! LOL

  2. Hi Edna…the exact technique is: …I have not bought the book yet but my workshop is enough to get me through the quilt. It is kind of a “Stack & Whack” type but cutting loooooooooooong layers of fabric. I am only in the beginning stages but after Christmas, I will get back to it…it is still on my design board. I’m with you on procrastinating. These crafty, sewing blogs are just a treasure-trove for creation. I’m happy to meet you….I haven’t clicked on your name to find out if you have a blog, but I will do so after this!


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