Amazing what a dinner napkin can do!

I went to a workshop yesterday, with my “Cercle des fermieres.”  It was to make on of these:

Napkin box
Napkin box

…to hold these:

To hold napkins
To hold napkins

I haven’t varnished it yet because I am waiting for the “crackling” process to dry.  My mind is coming up with future possibilites for this technique!  At first I thought, hmmm…why does somebody need another box? But the possibilities are endless….and the napkins are endless.  I bought a few packages of napkins and traded with others in the group.  Trading!  Like we trade fat quarters and such.  It seems so underground! :).  I love it.  There are so many neat napkins out there and we want to buy them but never want to use them…well….mix them in crafts.  So…who is this box for?  Christmas is coming and I will need some hostess gifts….pair this with a little that and voila!  Hmmm….I hope that the people who invite me don’t read this!  I just have to be careful about one person in particular, right J?

Well, I have got loads on my plate….the corrections are getting to me and the more I think about them, the more I procrastinate…I really have to get to a comfortable place about correcting student’s papers at home. Oh well, I chose this profession!



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