My cats…oh and crochet too!

Pyewacket (Pye-Pye) & Jolie-Coeur
Pyewacket (Pye-Pye) & Jolie-Coeur

The cats who rule the roost…even the dog!

I’ve been busy correcting this week but I made sure that I did some sort of handwork everyday.  I even crocheted!  Now I am not a crocheter and have never done it but I am teaching myself! :)…and it is hard!  I know why I haven’t tried it in the past though…I had an Aunt….well, kind of an aunt, a close friend of my mom’s.  She tried to teach me to crochet but she lost patience with  me and of course, at the age that I was, it affected me…but I saw a pattern that I really want to do so I spent all last evening doing single stitch and double stitch and the cluster stitch and undoing my stitches!  I think that I am getting the hang of the double cluster stitch.  I will post a picture when I have something worthwhile to show.



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