Rainy day Sunday in Autumn

The weather here is rainy and cold and is the perfect day to “putter” as my dad used to say.  So, that is what I am doing…puttering in my creative pursuits; I started my little crochet project and I am quite proud of my accomplishment…all by myself!  I will post pictures when I am confident with it because right now, it looks like a blob.  I am also going to do the laundry, well finish it, fold it etc.  It is all hanging down in the basement, ready to fold.  I am also going to make a pot of homemade soup, just the perfect day for these endeavours.

This morning I did some journal writing and took some pictures to accompany my ideas.

Julia Cameron Fan
Julia Cameron Fan

I have been doing Julia Cameron’s books for at least 7 years.  I started with the 1st one, “The Artist’s Way” and after a few tries finished it.  I keep going back to Julia Cameron’s concepts, the main one being writing three pages a day, upon awakening.  It really helps to get rid of negativity and invite positivity into your life.  It is an excellent way to get ideas and work through things.  Right now I am doing the top book “The Artist’s Way at Work.”  These books are all 12 week – 12 steps and include exercises and readings and tasks and tools.  I am so ambivalent about my job and by doing this particular book I am hoping to find some peace.  I am on week 2 and it is my 2nd week doing week 2.

Books in desk perimeter
Books in desk perimeter

These are the books that are around my desk area.  Jennifer Louden and a few creativity books.  I really have to delve into the “Living Artfully” one.  There is a lot of neat ideas on her site.

And here is the DESK:


This is where I write and play on my laptop.  It’s my correcting area too.  Anything to do with paper and pen and computer happens here.  My sewing, crafty side is also in the same room but at the opposite end.  And yes, they do overlap because creativity cannot be boxed in!  I’ll point out a few things:  the Runes bag and the book.  I’ve been picking a rune a day and meditating on it…when I say meditating I say it loosely, I pick the rune, read what it means and think about how my life is connected.  It is really thought-provoking.  And I carry my run in my pocket for the day…my runes are nice and soft but with a slate rock feel, they are not shellaced (sp).  Today’s rune: Rune haglazIt means disruption / Elemental Power / Hail….change, freedom, invention and liberation….a lot to think about.


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