beads and buttons and peppermints…

I started this post on Thursday but I had to rush off to school.  At my quilt guild there was a workshop about making little christmas stocking ornaments.  The lady used these cheap beads from Dollarama and I just had to go and get some and put them in a glass jar.  Everytime I walk by them I shake them, listening to the clangy sound!  :).  The little thngs in life….


I think that the jar is going to fill up!  I will post pictures of the little stockings when I get some done!

And while we are on the glass jars…I love them!  I like the glass candle jars and then reusing them.  The next jar is on button jar…an old Kraft peanut butter jar…put to good use.


More buttons…in more jars!


Now what is creative space without munchies….PEPPERMINTS! And this jar is pretty old.  The peppermints are always good snacks for visitors, like husband and sons venture in for some sort of sewing favour…


Jars, jars, jars.  In the midst of my year-long organizing venture I am trying to use my containers wisely.  A later post will be about the tins collection.  The problem is that with tins, I can’t see inside the tins, therefore I forget what is there.  I guess there are labels aren’t there.

Laundry is calling.  And since it is the week-end I will probably post again.


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