After doing…


Bagel Bites
Bagel Bites

and this…

Banana chocolate chip muffins
Banana chocolate chip muffins

Notice the jars in the background…see-through jars…everywhere in the house.  The Bagel bites are simpley bagels spread with barbecue sauce, then any meat that is hanging around…I used chicken and topped with cheese, put in the oven and a simple meal, snack.  The banana chocolate chip muffins…from my muffin recipe book.

It’s time to work on this…

My friendship journal with Robin
My friendship journal with R

I have had the friendship journal too long :(.  But I am working on adding a few visuals to it today and it will be in the mail tomorrow.

I spent most of yesterday doing laundry, a few errands and crocheting.  Today I slept in and then cleaned the kitchen which led to the above.    While I work on my friendship journal I am going to make a broccoli soup….do we have “potage” in English?  A thick soup.  There is far to much brocoli in my fridge…I cleaned that out this morning too.


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