Wednesday Write up…

…and I have some interesting mail!  Finally.  I did the Angel Swap, sent my Angel partner a box of goodies, handmade and more but the person who had my name hasn’t come through.  The due date was October 31st and still nothing….I would like to be positive and am giving her, a chance …. But I haven’t given up on swaps.  I like to push myself and by participating in swapping I try new techniques and share.  I sent my TGOS ornament this week and today I received one! Yay!  Patricia  from Colorado (CO means Colorado…I think) sent me this:

TGOS received
TGOS received

It is light blue with the angel on one side…she got the colour and the motif that I love…Yes J, I like Angels too :).  Here is the other side:


I love the thread that she used and it is such a simple ornament.  Thanks Patricia.  I’ll have to find out if you have a blog and link you.

I also received one of the best magazines:

Canadian Quilter
Canadian Quilter

I love this magazine and since it is regional it is such an good resource.  I haven’t sat down to enjoy it but the table of contents looked appealing.

So I am correcting a lot but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  After next Tuesday I will only have the final writing exams to mark and then tally up the marks.  I don’t have to rush with the marking either because the students will not get the exams back and will have already started their Christmas break.  See!  I am talking myself into seeing that light!



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