Sunday Stockings…

Well I made three more of the stockings but this time I added “bauble” beads because these are for an adult.  These are for a swap that I am in:

Bauble stockings
Bauble stockings

There is something special with the middle stocking…it is kind of Christmassy but it is special for the swap that I am in…I can’t say anything until my swap person receives it.  But I really am liking the bauble beads….I’ve been going crazy with them:

Beads and Baubles
Beads and Baubles

I think that I am going to start posting “Dollarama” finds.  These beads will be used in lots of projects.  I am still on my stockings but I had forgotten about these.  And at Allsorts blog she has started an Advent Calendar Gallery.

I’ve accomplished what I set out to accomplish this week-end!  The 25 stockings wrapped and boxed, ready to mail tomorrow.  My Bee Sew Whimsical swap is ready to go too! Now to tidy up the sewing area and FINISH another project that is started…but I’m not sure what it is or will be.  I have all the scraps from the stockings left over so maybe some paper pieced quilty ornaments and cards….oh the joy…plus it will get me on the sewing machine.  I have a final quilting workshop on Tuesday I think.  It is for a banner…paperpieced.

Well, time to wrap up some loose ends.




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