Quilting mistakes

Major colour error!
Major colour error!

I’m making a table runner and have made SO many errors in quilting….the sewing is going like a dream, but the choices and the lack of self-confidence…


And it is not just the colour….but the wine bottle motif…do I keep them all the same direction as in the 2nd or do I mix them up as in the first.

I am going to my hair appointment and in the meantime, if someone would like to offer up advice on how to fix this mess I would appreciate it!  Oh…and I’m not even sure the colours will match the person’s house anymore :(…she changed her colour-scheme..to blue….so?  Care to give advice?  I’d be happy with some constructive criticism!  Oh…and there is a 2 inche border to put on…what colour?

Off to the hairdresser.

A thrift store puzzle and…the animals of course!

I found these rolls of spools at the thrift store today:

Thrift shop thread

They seem to have a glossy finish to them (the ones I picked out).  The name is “Filtex, Inc.”  I’m not sure what they are … does anyone know?  There was a whole laundry basket of them!  Machine Embroidery thread? I am going to play with them for postcard embellishment…

I photographed with my cross stitch project because I put the aida onto a different frame…a longer frame so that I can stitch it easier.  I got that frame at the thrift shop too….for $2.50.  Every once in awhile there is a stitching frame.

Now here is what my cats’ most recent past time is:

Squirrel hunters...inside!
Squirrel hunters...inside!

Stalking the Squirrel!
Stalking the Squirrel!

Note: To Glen Morris!  Thanks for taking the pressure off me for trying to accomplish the crossword puzzle OVER Christmas…impossible…well, unless I really don’t have a life :). .. and I realize that I do have a life!

Until next time!

Still Stitching!

Well Christmas day has passed and since it is not particularly busy here I am finished stitching this little cross stitch design.  I’ve already posted the details but here is the finished unmounted design:

Bee Happy!
Bee Happy!

It’ll be mounted into a card and sent off in the post.  I also did some stitching on this…I really want to get it off the frame and finished!  I think that it will be my first Cross Stitch finish in 2009.  I must say that it is not a pattern that is particularly friendly!

Country woman cross stitch.
Country woman cross stitch.

On this note, I think that I will go and do a bit more stitch.


Baking and Stitching…

Bubblebread Gifts
Bubblebread Gift

These are my loaves of bubblebread.  The recipe (this link will take you to the recipe on the net..”Taste of Home” magazine is owned by the company that puts out one of my FAVOURITE magazines…”Country Woman.“) makes two and since I made two last week, one for a department luncheon and the other we snacked on, one of these went to my MIL (who absolutely adores this and it is ONE thing that she can eat.) The other went to a friend who ordered this most excellent loose tea.  I went down to pick it up and  I figured that since she was entertaining guests for Christmas tomorrow, that she would appreciate a loaf.  She has.  And now, I am sipping some that excellent loose tea, the “Christmas Blend.”  It is from a place called Murchies in BC.  It is soooooooooooo good!I can’t wait to open up my bag of #10!  Over the last few months I have been getting acquainted with many of the loose teas that I can find.

Here is what the bubblebread looks like:

Bubblebread revealed
Bubblebread revealed

The one on the right is when it is emptied out of the bundt tin, but I prefer the look of the one on the left.  These are scrumptious and perfect for brunches and it is bread that can easily be pulled off and eaten because it is formed by a lot of 1-inch balls, with the cherries inserted on the outside. Just to let you know, for those of my family who might be reading this…if I lived closer, you would all get one of these…I think that they are a mainstay of any Christmas day!  Oh…and I looked at the date of my magazine for when I started making them….1999! 🙂  Bread like this combined with a marshmallow fruit salad=Christmas morning.  (Note…I googled until I found the recipe that I use and it is a coincidence that I came up with Taste of Home again…this recipe calls for nuts….I’ve never put nuts in mine…but there is always a first if no one is allergic).

Now for the stitchery.  It is a quilted wall-hanging that I did in a workshop at the beginning of December.  It is almost finished but I really don’t like my slipstitch, therefore it sits, waiting.  I really enjoyed stitching it up, a combination of paperpiecing and quilting.  So, I am still in my creative mode.

In case I don’t get on here tomorrow:

Merry Christmas!

or as the French say:

Joyeux Noel!

Still Stitching…

I have almost finished all the Christmas preparations that are on the NEED TO list so I started this:

Cross Stitch Card

It’s a card from Cross Stitcher magazine.  I used to pick  it up each month so I have all kinds of the free card kits.  I am organizing all my cross stitch card kits and came across this one which will be sent.

I am busy coming up with a plan for my blog…it is centered on my creative past times but I want to get into a routine with it, designating certain days for certain posts.  Right now it is all pele-mele (sp?).  So, since I am on Christmas vacation, I will be planning it all out and then hopefully implementing the plans in January.

Well, I’m off to make some bubblebread.  Maybe I’ll post a picture of it later…making two loaves for my MIL and for my tea smuggler :)…a friend who ordered loose tea by mail and our emails are starting to look like we are smuggling somethin else! :).