This is a project that I started at a quilting workshop this week.  I cannot delve into it any farther…well, the talking about it because the project is ALMOST finished!  It is a gift for someone who may read this blog….hahahaha….with christmas and birthdays on my December list.  This little project was so much fun to do.  I stayed up late a few nights working on it but I am so happy with the outcome.  I will post full photos after the person receives her gift!

I’m going to start getting my son’s Christmas stockings stuff!  No socks for hubby and I, just for the boys.  I refuse to give up making doing the boys’ stockings… I can put in the bare necessities like underwear and socks as well special items.  This year, I am hoping to make a Cd of all the pictures that are digitized and give to my older son.  He doesn’t have family pictures.  If any of you who read this blog have great stocking stuffer suggestions for 17yr olds and 20yr olds, please comment!  I want to stay useful….

Time for laundry and finish that secret and then make some more of those little stockings!



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