Goodies from far away…

…awaited me in my mailbox….This was in the package I opened:


ALL this is my package from Marit She was so generous, from so far away by sharing her Norwegian traditions…(I hope I am right when I say Norwegian…for a person from Norway…)

Look at my delights!

Goodies from Marits
Goodies from Marits

Marit spoiled me with material…what everything is laid on, two crazy quilt hearts and knitted ornaments….the knitted angel and stockings have stolen my heart.  I really want to knit now :)…the paper basket heart ornaments are traditional Norway ornaments and they are blue and also a small red & white one.  I love them!  She even gave me something for my sweet tooth…a marzipan pig!  So sweet,  so I am nibbling on it and savouring it!  And she cross stitched a card, with a Norwegian Santa.  So nice.  Thank you so much Marit.  I have sent you an email but of course I had to post here :).  I really enjoyed this swap.  I have learned so much and it is really heartwarming making things for others, not knowing what the mailbox will return.

I did make it back into my sewing room this evening…Marit inspired me!  I almost finished the “secret” that I started in the previous posts.  I have reworked my Christmas list, so expect more from me…



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