Decorating and dogs!


This is our family Advent Calendar.  I am only just now putting it up because it was packed away with the Crhistmas decorations.  I made this at least 15 years ago!  I made it when the boys were small and  I remember stitching into the wee hours of the  night near the end  because I really wanted it ready for December 1st.  The kit came with little woodent toys and the boys just loved choosing which toy was going to be hung.  Over the years I have found other little ornament/toys and our little basket of choices is bigger.

Here are the top and bottom:


The top part…

advent-calendar-bottom1The Bottom…

The most fun I had on this piece were the french knots…the tree has so many of them and I really liked the effect.  I love the whole effect!  The snow outside the window looks so real!  I don’t think that the yellowing of the aida material shows in the pictures but the material is yellowing.  Does anyone know how to clean our embroidery pieces.  I’m terrified of  ruining it.  Oh…when I first made this I simply backed with material, then a few years ago I made borders for it with quilted material.  I love Cross Stitch!

And now for some Christmas cheer…


I had to really hide the camera noise because she LOVES that noise!  I’m not sure that she liked the hat!  She takes it off right away.

Well, I am in the midst of decorating the tree…




3 thoughts on “Decorating and dogs!”

  1. Your advent calendar is great. I have done a little cross stitch, but it drives me crazy. However, I really admire the people who make beautiful things like this.

  2. What a gorgeous advent calendar, I love the dangling ornaments. (And I know what you mean about French knots… they are one of the most satisfying stitches to make!) I really want to make one of these calendars for myself one day but it will probably take me years!

    Have a great Christmas,

    PS I came here via Feeling Stitchy.

  3. Thanks for the compliments Susan and Ruth. You know…this was a kit and I was a beginner but I was so motivated in doing this for my two little boys (at that time) …that it stitched up so quick. I don’t think that I stitched anything else though at the time….all of the time went to this. I find that when I am stitching for someone else, I keep seeing them while I am stitching. I guess that is why I stitch and give away! 🙂

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