Christmas cards and socks…

Framed Christmas cards

Christmas is fast approaching and I’m not as prepared as I thought I would be! I just framed my stitched cards and will be sending them out by Monday at the latest….so they will get to their destinations DURING the holidays. Oh well…I sort of forgot the cards.

Christmas Stockings

And while I’m at it, here are our Christmas stockings….hung…ready, waiting…

My sister made these for us and since they are made of wool, there is a lot of stretch! I just started my stocking stuffer shopping this evening. (Christmas alliteration with all those s’)

Well, it is late. I spent the evening wrapping gifts to MAIL. I have a handmade item, but will post a picture after it is received.



One thought on “Christmas cards and socks…”

  1. Found your blog through Feeling Stitchy and I am really enjoying it! I admire your patience and ambition in completing hand-stitched Christmas cards, that’s way more than I could ever accomplish. Happy Holidays!

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