Cats and Trees & Crossword Puzzles

Here is our tree!  Decorated finally!

Christmas Tree 2008
Christmas Tree 2008

And here is what I am taking some time for:

Christmas annual crossword puzzle
Christmas annual crossword puzzle

I am an avid Saturday Globe & Mail reader.  I love the crossword puzzles and tend to do them when I am stressed out…go figure!  This is the annual one and it is fun to do.  I’ve taped it down to my desk and under the watchful eye of Pyewacket I try to fill in the boxes!  In this annual puzzle there are 604 clues in this.

And just because I have cats in the byline:

Jolie-Coeur & Pyewacket
Jolie-Coeur & Pyewacket

So, I haven’t posted anything “crafty-related” but since it is my blog I am chief editor! :)…I’ll be back with more from the sewing room! I hope!



One thought on “Cats and Trees & Crossword Puzzles”

  1. I love that annual Crossword puzzle!! Did I miss it? I thought it would be in the Saturday Dec 27th Globe & Mail – but since you have it already I guess it was in the Dec 20th issue? Darn! It usually keeps me going til about May.

    Glen Morris

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