Still Stitching…

I have almost finished all the Christmas preparations that are on the NEED TO list so I started this:

Cross Stitch Card

It’s a card from Cross Stitcher magazine.  I used to pick  it up each month so I have all kinds of the free card kits.  I am organizing all my cross stitch card kits and came across this one which will be sent.

I am busy coming up with a plan for my blog…it is centered on my creative past times but I want to get into a routine with it, designating certain days for certain posts.  Right now it is all pele-mele (sp?).  So, since I am on Christmas vacation, I will be planning it all out and then hopefully implementing the plans in January.

Well, I’m off to make some bubblebread.  Maybe I’ll post a picture of it later…making two loaves for my MIL and for my tea smuggler :)…a friend who ordered loose tea by mail and our emails are starting to look like we are smuggling somethin else! :).




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