A thrift store puzzle and…the animals of course!

I found these rolls of spools at the thrift store today:

Thrift shop thread

They seem to have a glossy finish to them (the ones I picked out).  The name is “Filtex, Inc.”  I’m not sure what they are … does anyone know?  There was a whole laundry basket of them!  Machine Embroidery thread? I am going to play with them for postcard embellishment…

I photographed with my cross stitch project because I put the aida onto a different frame…a longer frame so that I can stitch it easier.  I got that frame at the thrift shop too….for $2.50.  Every once in awhile there is a stitching frame.

Now here is what my cats’ most recent past time is:

Squirrel hunters...inside!
Squirrel hunters...inside!

Stalking the Squirrel!
Stalking the Squirrel!

Note: To Glen Morris!  Thanks for taking the pressure off me for trying to accomplish the crossword puzzle OVER Christmas…impossible…well, unless I really don’t have a life :). .. and I realize that I do have a life!

Until next time!


3 thoughts on “A thrift store puzzle and…the animals of course!”

  1. Found your lovely blog while surfing the Creative Everyday Challenge 2009 pages. Your thrift store find is great and enjoyed seeing the cats. Thrift store shopping is such fun; it’s one of the few things I miss about towns and cities.

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