Quilting mistakes

Major colour error!
Major colour error!

I’m making a table runner and have made SO many errors in quilting….the sewing is going like a dream, but the choices and the lack of self-confidence…


And it is not just the colour….but the wine bottle motif…do I keep them all the same direction as in the 2nd or do I mix them up as in the first.

I am going to my hair appointment and in the meantime, if someone would like to offer up advice on how to fix this mess I would appreciate it!  Oh…and I’m not even sure the colours will match the person’s house anymore :(…she changed her colour-scheme..to blue….so?  Care to give advice?  I’d be happy with some constructive criticism!  Oh…and there is a 2 inche border to put on…what colour?

Off to the hairdresser.


3 thoughts on “Quilting mistakes”

  1. I think the direction of the wine bottles depends entirely on how many you’ve drunk already!

    I can get anal about patterns so I like them all going the same way. On the pictures the background seems have more purples and greens than red and yellows. Maybe that’s why it isn’t coming together.

  2. Feel free to finish it as practice, send it to me and then use what you’ve learned to make one for the person you’d initially planned on making it for :-)))

  3. :)….Jude! Thanks for the motivation! I’m actually undoing the blocks, keeping the pinwheels and have your name down for something wine-themed for your diningroom table! With pleasure!

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