This and That


Aren’t these cool?  Wooden boxes.  I am thinking that I will probably redo the pictures and use the boxes for embroidery floss.  I found them for a buck each! Now that is cheap!  Do I go back and get more?  🙂

I heard of this:


And I found this:


…in my stash.  I hadn’t realized that I am drawn to orange :).  The fabric in the baggie is for a kit…already to go!  Pat Sloan is hosting a virtual quilting retreat on February 20th and there will be an orange challenge! I’m in!  I will be putting the logo on my sidebar pronto!  So many neat ideas! Creative Everyday!


My first efforts at what the Australians are doing a lot of…stitcheries…I am making a series of postcards…


I like the “A” more than the “K.”  Can you make out what the cold wind is doing to the kite?

Tweaking Twelve…


Here are the twelve Birds in the air blocks for the UGRR swap.  They are far from being ready to send out :(…  I have to tweak every one of them.  For some reason there is not one that is the correct size of 12 inches.  I’ve followed the pattern to a “T”, I’ve undone each block at least once if not more.  I don’t understand why the blocks don’t come out the right size.  Am I too picky?  These are to be sent to other people so for sure I want them to be done well.  The due date is way off though.  My next block is the Crossroads one and the pattern that I have for it is paper-pieced.  I’ll try one and see if I like it.

So, the above is what I worked on all day.  I finally stopped and did some dishes at around 10:00 this evening….the husband and son fended for themselves for their meals.

I’m now gearing myself for my upcoming workweek.  I sure would love to win the lottery; yes I did buy a ticket.  I should check it.

Always the same story…

…busy, busy, busy.   But the good news is that I am still on track with sewing and being creative!  I just haven’t had the time to be patient with my verrrrry slow computer! :(…

000_0345 Today was a quilting day.  My guild had a “free quilting” day today; where whoever wants to get together with their machines and projects do so.  I made these…”Birds in the Air” blocks.  I am doing an Underground Railroad Quilt with some women from the Canadian Quilter’s Guild (Internet Yahoo Group).  There are 12 of us participating in the UGRR  swap.  We each have 2 kinds of blocks and must make 12 of each.  We send them to the person in charge and we get 24 different blocks at the end…to do with as we please.  The UGRR is how message were passed to help slaves escape.  I found this pattern for the “Birds in the Air” block at Quilter’s Cache.  I’m particpating in the swap because I want to practice making basic quilt blocks and believe me, making 12 of these is a lesson in perseverance; working on the accuracy is very hard.  I still have to tweak a few of these blocks but I am getting better as I go.  I have the material cut and ready for the next six or seven.  My 2nd block is the  Crossroads block. I am staying with basic colours as per guidelines; using what I have on hand.

I was spoiled today.  My husband cleaned the house; washed floors etc and was making supper and pies when I got home after a WHOLE day of quilting! :)….

Well, off to have a bath…Tired.

I hope to be back sooner than I have been!

Picture time!


I know…pretty lame BUT I am learning a few of the basic techniques  of painting!  Like how to shade a background and how to transfer the pattern.  That has always been a mystery to me; transferring a pattern to the medium.  I chose this pattern because I figured that I could practice a few of the smaller items by transferring on cheaper wood products that I have found at the good ole Dollarama :).  I’m learning but I really don’t see myself getting TOTALLYinto painting.  I like fabric waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much and the needle and thread.  I would just like to complement my sewing with paint sometimes without being gaudy.

Here is an update on my calendar quilt:


Today’s strip, the last one is a piece I found rummaging deeeeeeep down in my scraps; from a painting smock I made for my nieces…since I painted today.  Nothing in my stash YELLED Barach Obama :(… I have quite a bit of snowman fabrics and since the weather was cold, hence the picture of the brown fabric with snowmen (the snowmen look cold).  One thing about this quilt is that I sew everyday :)….and I am into my sewing stuff.

And look what I received today:


I ordered these pattern books from Barb at Theodora Cleave.  She has an online store and designs these awesome stitcheries.  She included this card too which is a stitchery design but she has painted it!  That is they type of painting that I want to do.  So, looks like I will be bringing my own patterns to my painting course for my 2nd project…staying with the sewing theme. Oh! The stuffed apple was found in my cleaning and organizing spree :).

Well, it is late…time to head to bed….work, work, work tomorrow morning!