Busy, busy, busy!

Like most others, I am back to work but I am leaving it there and spending more time in my sewing room.  I haven’t taken any pictures lately therefore I feel my post lack luster…I just want to let those of you who visit regularly know what I’ve been up to.

I am going through my stash and planning my Calendar Quilt!  The host Rachel is really motivating.  Check out her site and the special blog she has for the challenge!  She reminds me of a Canadian Hockey fan…gotta listen to the song at the bottom of the calendar blog!  I will have pictures of my calendar quilt beginnings shortly!

If the Calendar Quilt is not enough to keep me busy….I signed up for the Project a Month Challenge!  How could I resist?  The two women hosting it are blogs I follow regularly and one of the hostess’ , May Britt designed a pattern I used for the Stitcher’s Angel challenge!  May’s partner in crime is Kris.  I have a slew of projects that can be finished for this challenge; hence why I am joining in.  I have yet to let them know officially (just found them today).  By the way,  the projects to finish are technically called WISPs (Works in Slow Progress)…I love it.  I will find a project that I have started and post it here and there!

Then there is the BOMs that I want to follow…not sure if they will get done this year but they will be started….more WIPs for next year 🙂 heehee.  The Red Delicious one I found just before Christmas and have been plotting it out in blues….instead of the reds that are suggested.  And the Tisket  Tasket from Bunny Hill Designs is beckoning me…applique!  And of course if that isn’t enough, the hostess of  the Stitcher’s Angel challenge is starting a Mystery block for the summer holidays.  I know, I know, not summer but over on the other side of the ocean it is!  How can I resist?

Enjoy the links and the eye candy of these passionate stitchers!  I’ll be back with pictures! Hopefully…that is, if I can find my way out of my fabric stash!



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