Quilt Calendar 2009 STARTED!


Quilt Calendar: January 1st – 6th, 2009

And here is it up close:


I was inspired! I had just picked up a print that had all the months of the year on it…not knowing that I was doing this challenge, that is where the 1st row came from.  I had to do some cheating; cut out each mitten block and sewed them together, making my strip 2 X 11.  I really like an idea that one of the women in the challenge is doing; journalling each strip.  Each strip was picked for a reason and I am pleased with the result.

Row #1: January

Row #2: Wine bottles for celebrating January (plus it was sitting right on my sewing table.

Row #3: I wanted to see how purple meshed with winebottles (check a previous post about Quilting gone bad 😦

Row #4: The material called me…saying that it was winter….blue, blue skies with snow…I like the effect.

Row #5: First day back to work; I’m a teacher.

Row #6: Today- the day that I figured out what was going to happen in my sewing room for the next little bit.

I can’t wait until tomorrow.  I have so many ideas when I look at the beginning of my quilt on my design wall.  I think that this quilt will be embellished with embroidery and…the world is my oyster.

Time for bed!



One thought on “Quilt Calendar 2009 STARTED!”

  1. It looks great! I love that you chose a fabric that had the theme for your day. I wonder if there’s a fabric with staples on it as my grandson had to have staples put in his head (he was throwing a fit and fell back and busted his head) on the first day of January!

    I like the journaling idea, too.

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