Creative everyday…

…is still happening here! I am cross stitching everyday, usually when I sit down after work and watch my favourite show…please don’t call me a nerd 😉

scene_2a_the_waltons_titleThis week I have been getting home in time to watch it everyday.  I just love the 1930s and 1940s.  Today was especially good; all about quilts.  There is some sort of tradition called a “Quilting.”  When a girl reaches adulthood, all the women who are close to her make a block and either the girl’s mother or grandmother sews all the blocks into the quilt and then all the women gather together to quilt it; making it into a coming-of-age event.  I sat ther cross stitching and enjoying the show.  Does anyone of you know of this tradition?

I stitched another strip to my Calendar Quilt:

Day 8
Day 8

Day 7: Yellow strip not signifying any specific event; so was chosen to match ( I have a feeling that I will be trying to match on those non-special days)

Day 8: It was a very snowy January day, hence the blues and the whites; seems kind of snowy to me!

I am tossing the idea of making each month into a strip and adding borders and embellishing it to reflect the month and then using them every year…will see.

Soup canning
Soup canning

And yesterday I made a chicken-vegetable soup in the crockpot and since I made enough for an army I canned it this evening.  I’ve heard 5 pops, so here’s hoping the other two jars popped.  We always waste these crockpot meals, but now that I have a son who lives far away and comes home at least once a month, I figure that I can spoil him a bit!  If he were here, there would be no soup left…he’s small, but a big eater!

Well, I am tidying up my sewing area and picking out my project to finish this month.  I will post a picture of it tomorrow.

Good night blogland 😉


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