Cat-Captured Cross stitch

100_0701Pyewacket does not leave me or my stitching alone!  I had wait a bit before I gathered up the will to move Pye :)…he is definitely my cat, I don’t think that he wanted me to stitch though…

I also stitched this up today:

100_0702The top strip where it says the Stitch-A-Long…I sewed it to my calendar quilt for today’s strip.  I made it very basic and will probably go back and add an image, but for the SAL, I want to get quite a bit done on this piece.  It is coming along!   And speaking of which, off to stitch.

Later…enjoy your week-end!


3 thoughts on “Cat-Captured Cross stitch”

  1. LoL….Now I have to go back and unstitch the 8….thank you for noticing Maria Cristina….no I didn’t stitch it last year :)….it’s like writing on banck checks and still writing last year’s date grrr…………

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