Still here but…

…still being creative everyday!  I had my quilting guild meeting on Monday and I signed up for two workshops.  One is for a pididdly pincushion but it looked simple and fun and not too time-consuming. The other is for this:

100_0704It is some sort of Japanese techinique made simpler.  I’ll find out all about it at my workshop.  It is not until February 7th so I have time to find a print for the border.  I am seeing books for the border so off I go a-hunting for some book print material :)…a nice wall hanging for my house which is full, full, full of books!

On Tuesday night I starte a painting class.  I CANNOT paint and all I want to do is be comfortable with paints and a paintbrush so I am taking painting lessons for painting on wood; a skill that I would like to transfer to painting on material.  The teacher is really patient and once I have something worthwhile to show, I will show it :).

Off to sew my strip to my calendar quilt; still going well!

Not to newsy, but work, work, work sort of saps my time!


One thought on “Still here but…”

  1. Sounds like you will be busy! The cross-stitching is getting nice, I hope your cat let you do some more 😀 It is a beautiful cat, it looks much like the cat we had when I was a child. I like the idea about the strip calendar quilt.
    I have heard that some other blogs have a problem to leave comments to Blogspot-blogs. Did you try to leave a comment on the “Gjestebok” at the right side of the blog? I know some can use that. I have not tried the bubble bread recipe yet, but I have saved the recipe. Good luck with your new projects and classes!

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