Calendar Quilt Progress Report


So here is 2 weeks plus a days worth of my strips and I have continued journalling the days and each strip has a reason, even if it is to match.  It is fun.  My last update stopped at the cross stitching SAL.

Day 11:  Still Cross Stitch SAL and I have this beautiful cross stitch fatquarter…cut into it :).

Day 12:  I had my quilt guild meeting and it is always so inspiriring.

Day 13: My 1st ever painting course (on wood and hope to transfer skills to quilting)

Day 14: My brother’s birthday and he loves planes.  It is also his daughter’s 2nd birthday so I have written a note to find a #2 charm for embellishment.

Day 15: Today…This is day 2 of a deep freeze: -45 celcius, hence the penguin and the ice floats!

I love journalling and since this will be a personal quilt, it just stands to reason that my day to life will be documented!

Well, I am off to do some more stitching….cross stitching that is.  I am almost up to the backstitch! Yay!



4 thoughts on “Calendar Quilt Progress Report”

  1. Your calendar quilt is so nice, you have to be creative to find fabrics that tells what you want to 🙂 Wow, -45! sounds VERY cold.The penguin and the ice floats did fit very well!!In the northern Norway it can be as cold as that, but not here. I think the lowest here has been at -25 to -28 or so. I think that is cold enough! This winter the lowest has been -17. Enjoy your weekend, stay warm!

  2. Hi Peg,
    You asked a question about my calendar quilt. It is the one with the snowmand embroidery. No, It did not take long at all. You could have it done in a couple of hours at the most. You look like a very experienced stitcher.

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