Organizing and finding…


I keep coming across this embroidery sampler that I did in a Round Robin, back in 1997.  It is unfinished and it keeps getting put back into a drawer :(…The round robin was a bad experience because one of the women didn’t send on people’s samplers and I got the blame.  I did my samplers and sent them on to the next person.  My sampler came back to me unfinished and with some disprespect sewn in ( I took it out)…that is probably why this piece stays in a drawer :(…..but in the end it is beautiful.  Most of the women were very generous and did the stitching with good intents so it is kept.  What to do with it?

It is still VERY cold in this part of the world and instead of cleaning house because there seems to be no sense in doing it when the family is underfoot, I am organizing my cross stitch supplies and kits and cataloguing my magazines….I am finding treasures and am thinking that I might be able to do a give-away.  We shall see.

Off to organize.

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One thought on “Organizing and finding…”

  1. Don’t let other people and their actions get you down. That old adage ‘turn the other cheak’ doesn’t just mean let them hit you again. It means turn, look in another direction and there, you may find a friend. Try to look at the bright side of things – you got your project back and will have another beautiful piece of framed work to show off (and it’s not even from me!!), eventually. I know, Pollyanna at her best – but it’s better to concentrate on the good stuff, even if it takes a while to find some. (And if you’re busy looking for good stuff, it takes your mind off the other, not-so-good stuff.)

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