Picture time!


I know…pretty lame BUT I am learning a few of the basic techniques  of painting!  Like how to shade a background and how to transfer the pattern.  That has always been a mystery to me; transferring a pattern to the medium.  I chose this pattern because I figured that I could practice a few of the smaller items by transferring on cheaper wood products that I have found at the good ole Dollarama :).  I’m learning but I really don’t see myself getting TOTALLYinto painting.  I like fabric waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much and the needle and thread.  I would just like to complement my sewing with paint sometimes without being gaudy.

Here is an update on my calendar quilt:


Today’s strip, the last one is a piece I found rummaging deeeeeeep down in my scraps; from a painting smock I made for my nieces…since I painted today.  Nothing in my stash YELLED Barach Obama :(… I have quite a bit of snowman fabrics and since the weather was cold, hence the picture of the brown fabric with snowmen (the snowmen look cold).  One thing about this quilt is that I sew everyday :)….and I am into my sewing stuff.

And look what I received today:


I ordered these pattern books from Barb at Theodora Cleave.  She has an online store and designs these awesome stitcheries.  She included this card too which is a stitchery design but she has painted it!  That is they type of painting that I want to do.  So, looks like I will be bringing my own patterns to my painting course for my 2nd project…staying with the sewing theme. Oh! The stuffed apple was found in my cleaning and organizing spree :).

Well, it is late…time to head to bed….work, work, work tomorrow morning!


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