Tweaking Twelve…


Here are the twelve Birds in the air blocks for the UGRR swap.  They are far from being ready to send out :(…  I have to tweak every one of them.  For some reason there is not one that is the correct size of 12 inches.  I’ve followed the pattern to a “T”, I’ve undone each block at least once if not more.  I don’t understand why the blocks don’t come out the right size.  Am I too picky?  These are to be sent to other people so for sure I want them to be done well.  The due date is way off though.  My next block is the Crossroads one and the pattern that I have for it is paper-pieced.  I’ll try one and see if I like it.

So, the above is what I worked on all day.  I finally stopped and did some dishes at around 10:00 this evening….the husband and son fended for themselves for their meals.

I’m now gearing myself for my upcoming workweek.  I sure would love to win the lottery; yes I did buy a ticket.  I should check it.


2 thoughts on “Tweaking Twelve…”

  1. Wow – you have really been working since my last visit. All those blocks, I hope you will get them into the right size. And it is always fun to take a look at your calendar quilt!
    Happy crafting!

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