Painting update and a new block!


Here is the update on my painting class.  I did the blue dress tonight….took 3 hours.  I have absolutely NO confidence in painting :(…I’m starting to like the effects in the painting…learning to shade!    I think that I will be using this book stand so much in my sewing room.  In fact I am already using it to hold my UGRR pictures…light stuff, until it is completed.

The quilt block is the Crossroads block, for my UGRR exchange.  I am making 12 of these, to go with the Birds in the Air block a few posts back.  I am still striving for perfection with the 1/4 inch seams and being a  perfect 12 1/2 square….so very hard! :(.  I’m not sure that I like the colours here but I am using what I have.  I hope the yellow is not too pastel because we can’t use pastels.  I think it shows up though…not too pale.

Hey J…hmmmm….I’ve been thinking about Sister’s day.  Hmmmm….What week-end are we striving for?

Well, off to finish watching Project Runway Canada!  So good! So creative and I don’t even sew my own clothes…well not fashion stuff.



Oh where oh where…

…has she been?  Work, work, work!  But I have been stitching.

And lookie!


Look at what a little Angel sent me!  Back in the Fall I participated in the Angel Swap but my angel fell…don’t know where 😦 and this lovely woman, Diane, emailed me and asked if she could take the place of said Angel.  Well, she made all these little goodies.  Everything is right up my alley, colour and all!  Isn’t the sewing bag adorable?  Thank you Diane, once again!

Here is something that I whipped up last week!


Now isn’t my pin cushion cool and funky?  I love it!  So? Who wants one?  The spools are threaded with elastic so this is a perfect pincushion for applique; letting the thread roll off!

And then I got the idea of putting all my pincushions together!


And I do use them all!  Why is it that we can use so many pincushions.  The oldest one is the front tomatoe and then there is the crocheted chair on the left…much used (I think that there is a tuna can in there! :).

I missed out on Pat Sloan’s virtual retreat :(…I am going to head over there and see what all went on.  Life!

I’ll try not to be  a stranger!



The first verrrrrry long step of the piecing process.  I think that I am happy with each piece!  I seemed to have almost all of the  pieces matching Woohoo!  Now it is on to the border!  I have a quilting guild meeting tomorrow night so I will bring it in and get some opinions on the colours of the inner border…the other border is already chosen.  I am so proud of myself…this was so intricate and I measured EACH 1/4 inch seam so they would match!

And I had my favourite company for the whole day:


Pye-Pye…sitting under my ironing board :).  He’s been sleeping about a foot to the right of where is now but he moved to this spot when he realized my feet needed his space.  This was my other company: CBC radio.  The Sunday radio programs are always interesting!

Oh!  And here is my scrap jar after this week-end’s work.  I really find it hard to throw scraps out!


If you look really closely in the jar, not all the scaps are mine.  When I was at the workshop yesterday I had place all my scraps in a little pile beside my sewing machine, ready to put in my bag to bring home.  I did not put them on the floor to be swept up…however, a well-meaning sweet lady, dear her took them and all the others and put them in the garbage :(…I politely asked her if she had put my scraps in the garbage and she said yes, but when I told her that I save them she felt so bad that she retrieved them and then gave me all the others…so moral of the story, keep scraps hidden!  Am I the only one who keeps these little pieces?

I have…

…come out of the sewing room to post :).

I have been working on this:


This is my teacher’s sample:


Mine is in the beginning stages and I am now making all the diamonds required.  This is a wall quilt that I am making and just to give you an idea, I started with 12 dark 9 inch blocks and 20 pale nine inch blocks which in turn were cut into 128 4 1/2 inch blocks and then they are cut into a diamond shape and row by row, on the diagonal, they are sewn together.  It really is magic and it really is a lesson in precision.  I am really working on that key element, precision.   A woman named Tracey Brookshier developed this technique and it stems from the Pine Bark block.  Lisay Boyer at That Dorky Homemade Look shows her guild working on the quilt.  I forgot my camera or I would have done the same.  Here is where mine is … kind of….I have the four bottom rows completed and now working on the top rows…diamond, rows….


You can see my border print on the right….there will be a small frame, 1inch and the larger one, the print, 6 1/2.  I will be sure to update! :).

Other than the above, I have my strips cut and ready to sew onto my calendar quilt.  I have done some painting and embroidery this week too.  I am so looking forward to March Break! :).  Even though I have to work  I feel more relaxed without the student course preparation.

Well, off to sew.


New month, new strip…


This is my strip for today, February 1st.  Here is my month of January strips:


Onward into 2009.  Time seems to be going so fast! I didn’t do too much this week-end.  I ended up doing a ton of laundry and cleaning and watching waaaaaaaaaay too much tv.

Time to get ready for the workweek :(….hopefully back tomorrow with more exciting ventures!