I have…

…come out of the sewing room to post :).

I have been working on this:


This is my teacher’s sample:


Mine is in the beginning stages and I am now making all the diamonds required.  This is a wall quilt that I am making and just to give you an idea, I started with 12 dark 9 inch blocks and 20 pale nine inch blocks which in turn were cut into 128 4 1/2 inch blocks and then they are cut into a diamond shape and row by row, on the diagonal, they are sewn together.  It really is magic and it really is a lesson in precision.  I am really working on that key element, precision.   A woman named Tracey Brookshier developed this technique and it stems from the Pine Bark block.  Lisay Boyer at That Dorky Homemade Look shows her guild working on the quilt.  I forgot my camera or I would have done the same.  Here is where mine is … kind of….I have the four bottom rows completed and now working on the top rows…diamond, rows….


You can see my border print on the right….there will be a small frame, 1inch and the larger one, the print, 6 1/2.  I will be sure to update! :).

Other than the above, I have my strips cut and ready to sew onto my calendar quilt.  I have done some painting and embroidery this week too.  I am so looking forward to March Break! :).  Even though I have to work  I feel more relaxed without the student course preparation.

Well, off to sew.



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