The first verrrrrry long step of the piecing process.  I think that I am happy with each piece!  I seemed to have almost all of the  pieces matching Woohoo!  Now it is on to the border!  I have a quilting guild meeting tomorrow night so I will bring it in and get some opinions on the colours of the inner border…the other border is already chosen.  I am so proud of myself…this was so intricate and I measured EACH 1/4 inch seam so they would match!

And I had my favourite company for the whole day:


Pye-Pye…sitting under my ironing board :).  He’s been sleeping about a foot to the right of where is now but he moved to this spot when he realized my feet needed his space.  This was my other company: CBC radio.  The Sunday radio programs are always interesting!

Oh!  And here is my scrap jar after this week-end’s work.  I really find it hard to throw scraps out!


If you look really closely in the jar, not all the scaps are mine.  When I was at the workshop yesterday I had place all my scraps in a little pile beside my sewing machine, ready to put in my bag to bring home.  I did not put them on the floor to be swept up…however, a well-meaning sweet lady, dear her took them and all the others and put them in the garbage :(…I politely asked her if she had put my scraps in the garbage and she said yes, but when I told her that I save them she felt so bad that she retrieved them and then gave me all the others…so moral of the story, keep scraps hidden!  Am I the only one who keeps these little pieces?


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