Oh where oh where…

…has she been?  Work, work, work!  But I have been stitching.

And lookie!


Look at what a little Angel sent me!  Back in the Fall I participated in the Angel Swap but my angel fell…don’t know where 😦 and this lovely woman, Diane, emailed me and asked if she could take the place of said Angel.  Well, she made all these little goodies.  Everything is right up my alley, colour and all!  Isn’t the sewing bag adorable?  Thank you Diane, once again!

Here is something that I whipped up last week!


Now isn’t my pin cushion cool and funky?  I love it!  So? Who wants one?  The spools are threaded with elastic so this is a perfect pincushion for applique; letting the thread roll off!

And then I got the idea of putting all my pincushions together!


And I do use them all!  Why is it that we can use so many pincushions.  The oldest one is the front tomatoe and then there is the crocheted chair on the left…much used (I think that there is a tuna can in there! :).

I missed out on Pat Sloan’s virtual retreat :(…I am going to head over there and see what all went on.  Life!

I’ll try not to be  a stranger!


3 thoughts on “Oh where oh where…”

  1. Yes, there’s a tuna tin in the airchair (I still have the one Grandma made me ages back!!). Glad to see you’ve gotten back in touch – I was getting worried about you. Feel free to make me a pincushion for Sisters’ DAy if you have time – it’s fast approaching!!

  2. Good to see you are back! You really got a nice package from your Angel. And so many nice pincusions you have! I need to make some new, I think I could need to have one everywhere, one at my left side, one at my right, one by my sewingmachine, one at the cutting table….. I am always looking for one and can never find them 🙂

  3. Hi just to let you know that my parcel for the Snickerdoodle Bag Swap is winging its way to you. Hope the winds are behind it.
    I wonderdered did you have a pattern for that funky pin cushion with the spool threads in. Its really kool.
    Hope your bag is on its way to me, now what do I make you. lol.

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