Painting update and a new block!


Here is the update on my painting class.  I did the blue dress tonight….took 3 hours.  I have absolutely NO confidence in painting :(…I’m starting to like the effects in the painting…learning to shade!    I think that I will be using this book stand so much in my sewing room.  In fact I am already using it to hold my UGRR pictures…light stuff, until it is completed.

The quilt block is the Crossroads block, for my UGRR exchange.  I am making 12 of these, to go with the Birds in the Air block a few posts back.  I am still striving for perfection with the 1/4 inch seams and being a  perfect 12 1/2 square….so very hard! :(.  I’m not sure that I like the colours here but I am using what I have.  I hope the yellow is not too pastel because we can’t use pastels.  I think it shows up though…not too pale.

Hey J…hmmmm….I’ve been thinking about Sister’s day.  Hmmmm….What week-end are we striving for?

Well, off to finish watching Project Runway Canada!  So good! So creative and I don’t even sew my own clothes…well not fashion stuff.



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