Happy Sister’s Day!

???? you may be asking yourself?

Well, my sister and I have been celebrating our own Sister’s Day since…hmmm…at least 12 years, if not more!  We hadn’t realized that there was a real Sister’s Day in August (according to Hallmark) so we created our own, to share and get us through the long winter! Not that my sister ever needs an occasion to spoil me…she does indeed spoil me.  Here is what she sent me:


Thank you, thank you, thank you!  :).  Now the quilt material!  The cards have “Queen of Quilts” written on them!  I have never seen that material and after my sister opens her gift from me, I will tell her my plans for a piece of that beautiful fabric!  (It is going into the washing machine TODAY so I can use it!).  And look at the socks:


She is the best knitter!  I’ve often sent her these balls of wool for socks, but never expected to receive a pair!  Now I am going to try them out…TODAY!  I am going to go for a run and  I think that they may just be the perfect sock for running….75% wool/25% nylon!  Thanks Jude! And I will probably open the nuts up and the plaque has already found a home!  Thanks, thanks thanks.  NOW, yours will probably arrive tomorrow, so I hope that you will OPEN it when it is in your hands….

So, if you have a sister, wish her a happy day!

Hope you have a great day J…even if you are working :(…

And before I go off and run and sew and correct, here is my jellyroll:



Long time no here :(…

The only excuse that I have is work…sheesh…..just too much of it sometimes!

I had my guild meeting last Monday and that is always a creative high.  Here is the end result of the quilt that I helped make.  We made it for an upcoming draw for a community group (Overeater’s anonymous…that is translated from French….it is  a group for people with eating disorders).  Anyhow, it will be raffled off sometime in the future.  Since I volunteered to make it I received the pattern, so yet another dream project to add to my list!  Isn’t it beautiful?


I’m not a very good photographer in public places; always afraid of bothering someone.

Here is another shot:


I love my quilt guild.  It’s a nice group of women (60) and there is so much sharing.  I only signed up for one workshop and  it is not really for a quilt per se.  It is for a technique, working with the hexagon.  The goal is to make a quilt using a jelly roll.  I’ll show my jelly roll in my next post….Does anyone know what a 60degree ruler is?  That’s what I need before the 18th of April. We also have two drop-in quilt days, one at the end of March and then at the end of April.

I think that I will go and photograph the jellyroll.  I will be back.

February Calendar Quilt Update


Well, here is my February Calendar Quilt Challenge strip!  I am finally caught up.  Here is the start of March…


And my March 2nd & 3rd reflect what I have been doing on my 2 days off from work….quilting and sewing ;)…The yellow material has “I’ve got the quilting bug” written all over it.

So am sewing, my UGRR blocks and the above.  Now I’m off to bed…work tomorrow :(….

I would like to retire now…

12 blocks up and 12 to fix….oh…and hockey too!


So here are all 12 of my crossroads blocks.  I really took my time and did each one separately.  Undoing unmatched seams.  I am still working at getting that perfect scant 1/4 inch seam, but on the whole, I am happy with them.  I am going to fixt up the Birds in the Air blocks and then work on my signature blocks….hopefully get them out by the 10th…due for the 15th.

Here is what else I did this week-end (non-sewing topic)


M (youngest son), L (hubby) and JL (oldest son).  We went to Montreal to see a Montreal Canadian’s hockey game!  And they won!  We were up pretty high but it was worth it!


That’s the final score on the big screen…3-2!

Well, off to bed, so that I can sew tomorrow! 🙂