Long time no here :(…

The only excuse that I have is work…sheesh…..just too much of it sometimes!

I had my guild meeting last Monday and that is always a creative high.  Here is the end result of the quilt that I helped make.  We made it for an upcoming draw for a community group (Overeater’s anonymous…that is translated from French….it is  a group for people with eating disorders).  Anyhow, it will be raffled off sometime in the future.  Since I volunteered to make it I received the pattern, so yet another dream project to add to my list!  Isn’t it beautiful?


I’m not a very good photographer in public places; always afraid of bothering someone.

Here is another shot:


I love my quilt guild.  It’s a nice group of women (60) and there is so much sharing.  I only signed up for one workshop and  it is not really for a quilt per se.  It is for a technique, working with the hexagon.  The goal is to make a quilt using a jelly roll.  I’ll show my jelly roll in my next post….Does anyone know what a 60degree ruler is?  That’s what I need before the 18th of April. We also have two drop-in quilt days, one at the end of March and then at the end of April.

I think that I will go and photograph the jellyroll.  I will be back.


One thought on “Long time no here :(…”

  1. Ooo, that is lovely.

    I have been a widdle like you, busy busy, so haven’t done the rounds of blogs and things.

    Must be something in the drinking water. Life getting in the way like that. lol.

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