The Simple Woman’s Daybook Monday Post

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FOR June 29, 2009

Outside my window is summer, finally!

I am thinking that Michael Jackson was a great dancer!  I liked his earlier looks.
I am thankful for the time that I have to read my Globe & Mail.

From the kitchen comes my husband’s summer  barbeque suppers.

I am wearing my favourite blue Columbia skorts to be comfortable in the car trip to Montreal!

I am creating my paperbag swap partner’s project and hoping to pick up something to go with it from the big city of Montreal.

I am going crazy with worry about my son, who just broke up with his girlfriend.

I am reading many things…biography of Joyce Carol Oates, Continuity Girl by Leah McLaren…just to start.  Oh and Lisey’s Story by Stephen King (I can’t get into it and am getting ready to chuck it in)

I am hoping that my son gets through his heartache…..

I am hearing a ringing in my ears…too much thinking.

Around the house is all the baggage, waiting to be put into the car for the trip.

One of my favorite things…lately is playing Sudoku…I think that I need this much needed break from everything! And I just found out about Kenken and mathkudo…from a girl who hated math and was terrible at math.
A few plans for the rest of the week: I am heading off to Montreal today, for the next few days I will be helping my oldest son move into an apartment.  I am also going to be staying longer than planned due to his phone call last night to say that his girlfriend just broke up with him :(….I will be able to do a little shopping, maybe a fabric store and for sure a bookstore.

I can’t get any pictures off my camera :(…I can’t find the driver CD :(…so, pictures are on hold for awhile.

If you want to do the daybook post, head on over to  Peggy Hostetler’s site,  chreator of the Simple Woman’s Daybook site.



20 Of My Favorite Things (from The Simple Woman)

1. Colour – Blue, Blue, Blue and soft yellow
2. Dessert – Apple Crisp
3. Smell- Lilacs
4. Flower- Daisies
5. Animal-cat/dog
6. Month-July
7. Beverage-Tea…hot tea! (not “tisane”)
8. Pair of shoes-Teva moccasins
9. Snack-Dare Real Fruit Gummies…..the purple bag and the red bag!
10. Song- In the Dark by Tiesto & Music by David Usher
11. Book – I have few on the go: Biography of Joyce Carol Oates, Continuity Girl by Leah McLaren
12. Fruit-Apple
13. Hairstyle-French braid when I had long hair which I am striving for at the moment.
14. Piece of clothing- my spandex/polyester long sleeved shirts
15. Store to clothes shop-Any Sports store!
16. Season-Autumn
17. Hobby-Lots! But quilting and embroidery and sewing and….
18. Thing to collect – Tea paraphanlia and books and little rocks (that have some meaning)
19. Movie- Bridges of Madison County
20. Restaurant- Cambios (vegetarian)

I figure that I gotta get back to posting.  I will start taking pictures too!

A Giveaway!

Nothing like a giveaway, especially from such a talented designer, to get me to fight computer virus’ and post.

Helen from Hugs from Helen is holding a giveaway for a pattern for “Twas the night before Christmas” quilt. Here is what itlooks like:

helen giveawayNow I have run over and put my name in for the draw!  Isn’t it just beautiful?