A Giveaway!

Nothing like a giveaway, especially from such a talented designer, to get me to fight computer virus’ and post.

Helen from Hugs from Helen is holding a giveaway for a pattern for “Twas the night before Christmas” quilt. Here is what itlooks like:

helen giveawayNow I have run over and put my name in for the draw!  Isn’t it just beautiful?


3 thoughts on “A Giveaway!”

  1. Atholic….. its cold and sticky fingers lol…….maybe I should just stop trying to be funny and say… Oh you love Christmas too. lol.

  2. For some reason, my comments aren’t being posted :(…Anyhow, I like Christmas Sheila but I tend to make things for other people rather than myself, but the above quilt is something that I would make for me! Did you scroll back to December 2008 and check out my mini Christmas stockings? Again, for someone else! I’m thinking of making a new Advent calendar this year, quilted of course!

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