20 Of My Favorite Things (from The Simple Woman)

1. Colour – Blue, Blue, Blue and soft yellow
2. Dessert – Apple Crisp
3. Smell- Lilacs
4. Flower- Daisies
5. Animal-cat/dog
6. Month-July
7. Beverage-Tea…hot tea! (not “tisane”)
8. Pair of shoes-Teva moccasins
9. Snack-Dare Real Fruit Gummies…..the purple bag and the red bag!
10. Song- In the Dark by Tiesto & Music by David Usher
11. Book – I have few on the go: Biography of Joyce Carol Oates, Continuity Girl by Leah McLaren
12. Fruit-Apple
13. Hairstyle-French braid when I had long hair which I am striving for at the moment.
14. Piece of clothing- my spandex/polyester long sleeved shirts
15. Store to clothes shop-Any Sports store!
16. Season-Autumn
17. Hobby-Lots! But quilting and embroidery and sewing and….
18. Thing to collect – Tea paraphanlia and books and little rocks (that have some meaning)
19. Movie- Bridges of Madison County
20. Restaurant- Cambios (vegetarian)

I figure that I gotta get back to posting.  I will start taking pictures too!


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