Simple Woman’s Daybook, Monday, July 13th

simple woman daybook

Outside my window… Summer has once again hidden itself…it is rainy and sunny and rainy and sunny and unusually cold for the middle of July!  Are we mixing up Australia and Canada Sheilia?

I am thinking... about so many things…starting my sewing up again..making a surprise with this:

Sheila's paperbag goodies...

I am thankful forbeing a teacher and having the chance to stay home and not being obligated to do much :).

From the kitchen… not much is happening…no appetite!  Any suggestions?  Hmmm….grilled cheese?

I am wearing…  fake crocs and navy blue cotton track pants and red summery t-shirt and long sleeved navy blue sweater

I am creating… in my head! ;)….ready to tackle the above picture contents!

I am going… to go into town to mail a parcel and see if hubby needs a ride home.

I am reading… yes…I have gotten back onto the reading wagon, finished “Continuity Girl” then “The Shack” and now onto to some fast-food reading… Jonathan Kellerman’s Dr. Death….:)

I am hoping… that JL has the chance to do doubleshifts this week and that he is happy!

I am hearing… cbc radio, Shelagh Rogers

Around the house… is topsy turvy, no books to be found on any bookshelves and everything is being put into boxes so the floor renovations can  begin.

One of my favorite things… is reading my Globe and Mail on the week-ends..

A few plans for the rest of the week… are: a dentist appointment tomorrow, checking out the window types for the renovation, and sewing, sewing, sewing


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