My house is upside down…

Preparing for flooring

So, today is rainy and my husband decided that it was time for the floor preeparations.  We are putting in real oak flooring and ceramic in the kitchen and bathroom.  Everything is ordered and will probably arrive in two weeks…so we have took out the old and will be scraping and sanding and probably painting to match my new furniture:

Chair and foot stool
Chair and foot stool

I love it!! I love it! I love it! It matches this:

New sofa
New sofa

I love it! I love it!  it!  We are still deciding on the coffee table and end tables and tv stand….This has been a long time in coming.  I’ve been living with black furniture for the last 15 years and have hated it (long story about the black)…now my housew is starting to take shape.  The windows are on order for October…a bay window too!

Well, off to sweep the floor!

Old coffee table
Old coffee table


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