Thrift cuttings…

Thanks for the kind comments about my cat Jolie-Coeur.  He is missed today.  I have found myself opening the closet doors a few times.  Pye, my other cat seems to be bothered about the absence of his companion.

I’m busy as ever.  To take my mind off my cat I went to the 2nd hand store and found these shirts:

Plaid shirts
Plaid shirts

I want to have a “stash” of the shirts so that I can make scrappy quilts and add them to scrappy projects.  I really like the red one!  I started the cutting and cut some 2 inch strips, some 3, 4, 5, 6 & 8 inch blocks:

Piles of blocks
Piles of blocks

Each shirt makes a lot of blocks.  I started cutting the red one and realized that it would go nice in some Christmas projects and I’ve made sure that I have gotten 100% quality shirts.  Does anyone know if there is a specific way to cut up shirts to use in projects?

This is the quilt that I want to use these plaid blocks in:


snowman quilt
snowman quilt

You can see the plaid squares in the snowman quilt in the foreground….very scrappy looking.  I gotta look for a yellow shirt.

On another note, there is a new Canadian Quilt magazine coming out in September!  Now, we don’t have quilting magazines…the only one I know of is “The Canadian Quilter” put out by the Canadian Quilter’s Association, of which I am a member.  The new one is called “Quilter’s Connection” and I am definitely signing up to try it out!  They also have a blog which gives ideas for quilting that will co-incide with the issues.  Yay for Canadian Quilting…I can’t wait for the first issue.

Well, off for a walk with the dog…it is nice and sunny, for once.


One thought on “Thrift cuttings…”

  1. Hi Peggy!
    I love this snowman quilt idea, I think your shirts will look great in it. I’ve only found one yellow plaid shirt, but I think if the star blocks in the quilt aren’t too large you should be able to only use one shirt for it. You have some really nice shirts in your stash!

    I don’t know of a systematic way to cut out shirts, but I think the sizes you are cutting are a good choice. I even cut 1-1/2″ strips because I have a lot of projects that use that size too.

    Good luck with your hunt!

    Happy sewing,

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