Friday mail!

Yay!  I broke down and bought some quilting books:

quilting books
quilting books

I don’t have any complete references for either applique or machine quilting  and I really want to complete my projects that I have underway.  I get set to work on my projects but then I always second guess myself :(, hence the books.  The applique has so many good tutorials with excellent pictures BUT I am quite taken with the machine quilting book! It is thorough.  I have quilt tops that need quilting but I don’t necessarily want to get the professional machine quilter to do it; I want to do it myself, the way I want, with smaller stippling than the woman who does it.  I am half-way through reading it and almost up to the way the woman explains quilting a full quilt.  And she has loads of tips….looks like I will be busy! :).

The material that the books are sitting on is some fabric I got yesterday.  It is real cheap so I bought 2 more yards of each (I already have some in my stash) because I really think that it is interesting fabric to do embroidery on.  In fact I think that I posted my fabric postcards awhile back…projects, projects, projects. The flowered material is from the thrift shop, a few metres of  at least 10 inches wide.

Well, the week-end is here and with my husband around, I don’t know if I will get a lot done in the sewing room, and plus it is supposed to be sunny on Saturday so it will probably be a day of biking….although, Sunday is supposed to rain ;)….I can’t believe that I am hoping for rain…sh…I

I really have to orgazize my sidebars and put my new exchanges etc up-to-date.  Soon, soon, soon.  Here is a Christmas block exchange that I am doing:

Scrappy Christmas Block Swap
Scrappy Christmas Block Swap

It is a Christmas Block swap and it is held by Beth at ModernJax.  I have to make six scrappy blocks, following a pattern by Oh Fransson.  It should be fun.  I may be able to finally make my Christmas tree skirt with these blocks!

Well, off for some more reading of the above books!


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