Saturday Stash #1a

Well, I figured that since I am stitching secrets, that I would blog about my stashes!  Today I am going to show you pictures of my cross stitch patterns.  I finally did a cleaning and put all my kits together:

Cross stitch kit hide-away!
Cross stitch kit hide-away!

So, this is where I house the kits.  That is a quilt top that needs to be sandwiched and quilted…now that I have my new Machine quilting book, maybe I will tackle it!  See, I do produce….just have a little trouble with the finishings! Confidence…I think that is why I sign up for exchanges and such because then I have deadlines and commitments and I am a verrrrrrrrrrrrry committed person….I digress… (Sheila :)_)


Now, here is my stash…and mind you, these are just the kits…there are different categories in our stashes :)…this is the kit category”

Smallish kits
Smallish kits

I did that Precisous moments measuring chart.  I have lots of christmas kits here…so many kits, so little time!

Here are the bigger kits:

Biggish kits :)
Biggish kits 🙂

I did so many of those calendar cats and dogs!  I used to be a kindergarten teacher and one year I decided to make little bags for each of my students (about 10) which co-incided with their birthdays.  I also did ninja turtles for the boys…back in the day!

So, that is part of my stash…cross stitch stash that is…part of the cross stitch stash 🙂

Enjoy your Saturday!


2 thoughts on “Saturday Stash #1a”

  1. You asked about my appliance cover pattern. I knew I had posted a link for it months before I actually got around to making them but I sure as heck can’t find it now!

    It is one that I had owned “forever” called Grandma’s Blue Bowl (obviously I went with greens for my kitchen colors) contact information is as follows:

    Button Weeds copyright 1997
    Kris Kerrigan
    1275 Pheasant Avenue Afton, IA 50830 515-347-8831

    Hope that helps!

  2. oh my goodness………….. you are as prepared for a famine as I am in quilting lol. lovely to see what you like to do. take care sheila

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